One child can help another child

Why did we choose to work with this orphanage?

We have a special connection to orphans and this part of the world. Our great grandfather, our “Parbaba”, also had to make his own way in the world. He lived not far from this orphanage in Bihar, India, nearly a hundred years ago and dedicated his life to educate and better the lives of young people. We have often heard of his personal struggles and his courage as well as the generosity of others that allowed him to get an education, go to university and help define the future of our family. Greatness can come from squalor as we have seen in our family. Others should also be given this opportunity. We have been to this part of India, seen the poverty, seen the need. We have seen first hand the orphans and the street children of this area. You make connections. You see the individual you connect with, their suffering, their need. They are not numbers. They are individuals. We believe we can make a difference.